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In February 2018 we received our Federal Firearms License as well as our New York State Firearms Dealer License, which allows us to sell firearms to the general public. To keep costs as low as possible, as well as focus the majority of our time on our self-protection training courses, we do not keep an active inventory of firearms or ammunition.

How we recommend buying firearms through us:

  • If you are a NY resident, consider purchasing the firearm of your liking from out-of-state via the internet such as (avoid paying 8% sales tax) and shipping it to our location and only pay a $20.00 transfer fee when picking up your firearm (most places charge $30 or more for this service).

    NOTE: We can sell long guns to anyone not prohibited by federal law, but can only sell handguns to NYS residents.

  • Go to a big box store (Field & Stream, Cabela's, etc.) which tend to have many different firearms in stock. Handle them and see which one(s) you like best. Then contact us by phone (315-725-9939) or by email ( and see what price we can get it for. With our wholesale distributors we can usually beat most prices. If the gun you want is in stock it will usually be ready for pickup at our location in 2-3 days.

We also have several suppliers of ammunition. Where we can really save you money is on quality self-protection ammo. Most stores sell self-protection ammo in 20-25 round boxes which cost $25 or more per box! We can offer the same quality ammunition in 50 round boxes for about the same price! Also, if you pay for your ammunition directly through our supplier, you may be able to avoid paying NY sales tax as our top suppliers are based outside of NY. Contact us to see what we can save you!

Email us to request a copy of our FFL.