What Should You Do in an Active Shooter Situation?

Learn protective strategies with active shooter training in Elmira Heights, NY

Being in an emergency situation with an active shooter is extremely stressful. If you don't have the proper training, it's easy to panic and shut down. Pugh Self-Protection & Combatives provides active shooter training in Elmira Heights, NY so you can learn and practice how to act in a crisis. By having a strategy in place, you'll be able to protect yourself more effectively and can maximize your chances of survival.

Learn more about active shooter preparedness by attending our course in Elmira Heights, New York.

What the training course involves

What the training course involves

Active shooter training is useful for any person or organization - including schools, businesses and places of worship - to improve response during a crisis. Our active shooter training course involves:

- Information on the typical profile, characteristics and tendencies of active shooters

- Video analysis of actual incidents

- Discussion of tactics to maximize survival during an incident

- Low-stress practice role-playing scenarios

You'll have the opportunity to learn effective strategies and put your skills to the test in a safe environment. Sign up for our active shooter preparedness course when you contact us at 315-725-9939.