Unarmed Doesn't Mean Defenseless

Attend an unarmed self-protection training course in Elmira Heights, NY

Incidents with dangerous assailants can happen at any moment, and you might not always have a weapon to protect yourself. By participating in our unarmed self-protection training course, you can learn strategies for protecting yourself in these situations.

Pugh Self-Protection & Combatives offers self-defense training to people of all walks of life in Elmira Heights, NY. From civilians to unarmed security guards, everyone can benefit from learning and practicing effective skills or surviving encounters with aggressive attackers.

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Learn a variety of tactics

Learn a variety of tactics

There's more to self-defense training than knowing how to fight. Our training course includes a range of tips and strategies. You'll learn:

- The fundamental skills and concepts of behavior for self-protection and combatives

- Potential non-physical resolutions to different incidents

- How your body responds to crises and the results of that stress

- The behaviors and motivations of typical assailants

- Use of force laws and the aftermath of being in a self-protection incident

Improve your response in dangerous situations by attending our self-defense training course.